Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Horse Trial Recap!

Well, it’s taken a month, but I’m finally here to give you the skinny on CBF’s first annual USEA recognized horse trial! I’ve been travelling, I’m jet lagged, and I’m in the mood for a photo montage, so that’s what you’re going to get. All of the professional photos (you'll be able to tell the difference, trust me) are courtesy of Prestige Sport Shots (www.prestigesportshots.com). Michael and his crew are regulars at all of our events, large and small, and their work speaks for itself.

But before I get to the show, here is a picture of Jim Wofford, laying down the law at our clinic this summer:

If you turn your head and this is what you see as you’re getting ready to jump an exercise, you better turn up your hearing aid. Despite his intimidating appearance, Jim was very encouraging and positive to all of our riders. It also helps that he doesn’t freak out when a ride isn’t working out exactly as planned. I guess when you’ve been in the game as long as he has nothing surprises you anymore.

Now, to the show. As a dedicated reader of this blog, you already know that Course Brook Farm hosted our first-ever USEA nationally recognized horse trials on October 9. It was a huge production, and also a huge success. We had over 90 riders over the day, fantastic weather, and 4,000 pumpkins scattered about the property. In fact, they continue to appear here and there, emerging from secret hiding places.

All levity aside, it was a great day, mostly due to the dedication of our organizers, officials, and competitors. I saw a lot of smiles that day, and heard competitors saying that they would be coming back next year.

Of course none of it could have been possible without Matt and Nancy Mayo, the owners of the farm. We are all so lucky to be able to ride (and in some cases, live) on this beautiful piece of property, and all of us were proud to be able to share it with a bunch of new people.

Finally, BIG THANKS to everyone who volunteered! We know you didn’t do it just for the free hand sanitizer and t-shirt and we hope you’ll want to come back and help again next year.

Now, for the good stuff. Let’s start with some photos of the set-up process...

Here Laura and Ozias are painting showjumping rails and standards. As you can see, there were lots.

Reinaldo and Wilson were instrumental in making the farm look its best.

Assembling the new dressage arena was one of the crowning achievements of Laura’s life.

Having extra pieces left over is always a little worrying.

Moving on to the professional shots of the day of the show...

Outside the porta-potty next to stadium warm up was apparently the place to see and be seen.

Stephie Baer teaches at Course Brook weekly, and brought several horses to compete. Here’s her training level ride.

Our neighbor and honorary boarder Caroline Twining competed her horse Robin in the BN division.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more in the coming weeks!


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