Friday, July 9, 2010

With temperatures well into the 90s, I’m beginning to wonder if I am still living below the Mason-Dixon Line. From my air conditioned office, I heartily salute the riders that are preparing for their horse trials this weekend.

With all the heat, the big news around the barn is… not so big. The newest additions to the CBF family are two kittens: Fiona and Finn. They’re brother and sister, and have made themselves very comfortable in the barn. One thing we’re hoping they become less comfortable with is the horses, as they seem to have no sense of the disparity in size between themselves and their equine friends. Luckily, the horses have been tolerant of their antics in the aisle way. These siblings have already proven themselves by catching two mice! The only one among us who is not happy to meet Finn and Fiona is our current barn cat, Missy, who blames each and every one of us for the kittens’ arrival. Hopefully she’ll get over them soon, and go back to being her cheerful self.

I’d like to take a moment to welcome two new human additions and their horses to CBF, too. We’re happy to have Phoebe and her horse Likely, who have moved here from New Haven, CT. Likely is about the most relaxed horse you could wish for, and we’re very glad that he and Phoebe have come to the farm, especially since Phoebe is a fellow soccer fan and humors me by discussing the World Cup.

Another new face is Rebecca and her two bay geldings Andy and Boozer. I have yet to inquire as to the source of Boozer’s name, but I’m hoping there’s a good story behind it. The two boys have settled in nicely, and all three are a great addition to the main barn.

There are samples of the new CBF line of apparel hanging on the feed room door, and an order form on the bulletin board. I will also follow through on my promise to get photos up here soon if you’re not a regular visitor. You won’t want to be the only kid on the block not sporting a CBF cap, polo, fleece, or jacket, so take a look, even if the very sight of fleece makes you want to pass out from heat exhaustion.

Stay cool!

-- Casy

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